Divorcing Addiction

When I met my first husband he was a recovering cocaine addict, 5 years clean and sober. He was 30, I was 23 years old.

It was never a problem but would complain about the pain in his knee that was sawn through with a circular saw and he had to be transported by helicopter to the hospital and have reconstruction surgery done by a top doctor in Boston.

He then complained about his hips.

Eighteen years of being clean he started to steal painkillers from my parents and me.

If some people still believe that addiction isn’t hereditary this will change their minds.

His grandparents ended their lives, one with a shot gun and the other hung them self.

His mother said she and her siblings raised themselves despite their parents.

They were heroin addicts in the 50’s, then you drank it in liquid form.

My ex and his brother both went to recovery, his brother for alcoholism.

Him and his bother both fell off the wagon about the same time. To this day, my ex struggles to recover from his most recent lapse with opiates then moved on to heroin.

My daughter caught him shooting up and her boyfriend has picked him up off the floor at times. She has to see it now up close and personal.

I left the relationship, I broke his heart.

I do not question my decision of leaving him because whether a sober addict or a using addict they will still have the same behaviors.

The biggest problem with addicts is they also grossly mismanage money.

Addicts never learn from their mistakes and they have no problem telling mistruths to avoid conflict and to get what they want, at all costs.

Recovery takes a lot of work which now has more meaning to me then it did when I was younger because I was never an addict myself. I never drank on a regular basis or did any other drugs for that matter.

My ex husband is half the man he use to be after our divorce but during our marriage he was taking us both down and that I am sure of.

Don’t let it take you down too if you are questioning your decision about divorce. It’s hard no matter what.


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