How To Get a Court Appointed Lawyer: Lessons in Pro Se

My ex- husband had me in two courts at the time, one in family and one in Superior Court. I already had a court appointed lawyer in court but I was representing myself in Family Court.

Before I made my appearance before a judge for first appearance, (see my other blog about that)  I had written a reply last minute and delivered it myself to my husband’s  councel’s offices, the day before court so she didn’t have time to file a reply to the court.

The rookie counsel was present for that hearing she immediately complained to the judge that she didn’t have time to file a reply to mine.

I claimed ignorance with a shoulder shug.

As opposing counsel carried on in a panic, I interjected and said to  the judge, 

“ I’m sorry your Honor, I thought I was supposed to reply to the affidavit that was sent to me,”    replying in naïveté.

The Judge announced in conclusion directing her statement to the Rookie Lawyer,

“ It is obvious that she needs a lawyer to help her….” 

I raised my hand meekly, to interrupt a second time, and said, “ I have one in Superior Court, may I use her for my family court issues as well ? “  

“Yes, that makes sense.” The judge replied logically.

I had done it. I was able to now have a lawyer in all of my matters with my ex. 

They rescheduled the trial. One small victory in court for me.

Being Pro Se in a court room proves a lot to a judge when you come in representing yourself. In this case it was a big deal based on the circumstances, as well, opposing side was trying to get me custodial parent right taken away so he could get out of paying child support.

I think that was the considered, in the mix, by the judge’s call but it all depends on the kind of judge you have and the circumstances.

Nothing is a definite.

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